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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> it was a cold and gray the around these parts. while there has been some rain and flurries, we missed a blast of serious snow. >> we don't have to worry about anything or any major snowstorms. but we are looking at some snow. head over to southern maryland. that is where you are looking ahead a bit of the mix right now.
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they went to whether ribeyes refer the southern half until 4:00 morning on sunday -- a winter weather advisory for the southern half until 4:00 in the morning on sunday. there is some rain and sleet mixing. in lexington park, it is 35 degrees. we will probably see a few flurries, a few snow showers. nothing in the way of major accumulation. at best, maybe a light dusting for southern maryland. 28 degrees to 34 degrees for evening temperatures. in a few minutes, we'll talk about the wind. that means wind chills will drop. how cold? i have it for you in just a few minutes. >> a chase that reached almost 100 miles an hour came to a crashing and near nassau part.
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>> police are still looking for the getaway car. we're told the chase happen because the car was speeding. here's what we know. about 3:30 p.m., averaging simply say that one of the trooper saw the car in the hov lane speeding. he put on his leg strength to pull over the car, but the car sped off and he pursued it. the driver behind the wheel had -- behind the wheel and headed toward the district at 100 miles per hour and then pulled off on the south capitol street exit. at the red light just outside of the next stadium, it stopped. here's what one driver will this happen next. >> i was driving on south capitol street and i saw the book police cars in my rearview care and i heard the sirens. so i tried to move over. there was not much room to move over. next thing i know, i saw a red car coming up on me. i did not know where that car was trying to go. i try to move over as much as possible. next thing i know, the rear
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ended me. on the driver's side. >> she was obviously shaken up by this, but not seriously hurt. at least not at this moment. she said the car kept going, get away from the police and headed toward the bridge right by this stadium. so the drop -- so the police are still looking for that driver. the driver is a woman who had a passenger in the car and a young child in the backseat. >> a wild afternoon. university of maryland has been saved -- has been plagued by a number of crimes. unfortunately, a string of ridge continues with an assault on two -- a string of robberies continue with an assault on two students this morning. >> it happened here shortly after midnight just blocks from campus. these two men are in custody tonight. there were caught this morning
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by county police, charged with robbery and second-degree assault. this year alone, this is the fifth incident like this honor near the campus. students are scared, worry about this crime spree. >> it is getting overwhelming. it would be nice if somebody did something about it. >> police are stepping up patrols and sending notices out to students. a text message alert was sent out this morning to all students on campus, alerting them of the situation. some students told us that there were not specific enough, adding confusion to an already dangerous situation. >> it is ridiculous. we're even talking about another robbery? is it dangerous? is it scary? you don't even know. >> some students are changing their routines and just trying to be more aware. >> i take the bus and i stay
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with bigger groups normally. they want mess with you if there's a group of 10 people. >> alert is high after rash of crime on campus. >> why is this happening? this is a college campus. it is supposed to be safe. but it is really nerve wracking. >> abc 7 news. >> it has been years since a northwest woman banished fear today, family and friends gathered outside her old home in an effort to make sure this case is never forgotten. >> behind me is pamela bowlers house. she was last seen alive here on surveillance video. it has been a long four years for this family and they're looking for answers. >> please, help my kid. >> there is sadness, determination and love.
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>> it hurts because you want to know exactly what happened. we want closure. >> it was four years ago february 12, 2009, the panel bubblers simply vanished. the family has counted -- that pamela butler simply vanished. the family has counted the days. >> it is just very hard. >> she was last seen on surveillance video here outside of her home talking with her boyfriend. the family has come to a hard realization. >> i have accepted that she is not alive. but we still want some closure. we want to know what happened. >> police have never found any evidence of foul play. but the family suspects that the now ex-boyfriend was involved. >> i didn't have anything to do with the disappearance. crissy denied to us -- >> he denied any wrongdoing to us. >> somebody out there knows something.
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somebody participated. and somebody knows what happened. >> family members say that the surveillance video shows the boyfriend going in and out of the house several times. the woman in this case is not seen again in this video. family members tell us that d.c. police are telling them that this is an active investigation still. live in northwest abc 7 news. >> thank you. a south african television channel is defending its decision to show the girlfriend of oscar pestores. we're getting more details about her death. >> stunned south africans watched her comeback live on television saturday.
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the 29-year-old bikini clad model appears here in the first episode about "tropical island treasure." she was killed on valentine's day. her boyfriend, the first double and beauty to compete at the olympics, is charged with her murder. he remains inside south african prison tonight. >> as you can imagine. we are numb with shock and grief. >> she was discovered in a pool of blood in his home. police say she was shot four times with a 9 millimeter pistol that the recovered from inside the house. the south african newspaper reports the first neighbor on the scene after the shooting found him performing cpr on his girlfriend. prosecutors dismissed the story that he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder and has charged him with premeditated murder, punishable by life in prison. south africans are still trying
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to make sense of the tragedy. >> i feel so sorry for both the family's. >> pissarro that will be felt watching the stars in her new tv series. her family asked that the show where as planned. the producers offered a special tribute. >> abc 7 news, but appeared >> tent -- south africa. >> more than a dozen people were hurt in russia. 40 people are still in the hospital. damages estimated at $40 million. they promised to double the broken windows fixed within a week. the explosion was estimated to be as powerful as 20 atomic bombs.
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if you are married and living together in virginia, you may be technically breaking the law. it hasn't happened in 20 years but we will tell you what has happened to this painting inside the national gallery. and another close call with something from space. what scientists are saying that is.
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>> the commonwealth is preparing to repeal the 1036-year-old law that makes it illegal for -- 136-robocall that makes it illegal for unmarried couples to live together. -- 136-year-old law that makes it illegal for unmarried couples to live together. >> it takes away people's rights. to me, it's wrong.
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>> state road 18.2345 calls it lewd and lascivious behavior, a class three misdemeanor. >> i am surprised that was even on the books still. i thought -- i am surprised in nevada was trying to return a. >> the code should be through. we shouldn't have lost -- we shouldn't have laws on the books that have been overturned by court decisions. >> my wife and i we have been collaborating for seven years. i used the term loosely -- we have been cohabiting for seven years. i use the term loosely. >> the socially conservative organization family of virginia says that it has not taken the position on this bill. and gov. bob mcdonnell expressed no opposition. >> i do think that people have different views on that issue. it is a matter of faith and
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morals. that is what the senators tried to repeal and that isprobably makes sense. >> the bill had already been passed by the senate, with a vote of 40-0. >> the unexpected happened when a group of teens toward the national gallery of art here. a massive painting began to fall as students stood in front of it. it had been on display for 20 years. the students rushed to the painting to keep it from falling. officials say that it doesn't look like the painting was damaged at all, but it was removed this morning and placed in storage. the question is was it another year right that flashed across the sky last night? we will tell you what the experts think this was passing
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over northern california. and details on t
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>> first, it was the media right over russia. then an asteroid. now the american leaders of study says that it received three dozen reports of a fireball streaking across northern california overnight. the spokesperson says that, based on the reports, it was probably fairly common year and not very big deal. and stop -- fairly common meteor and not very -- and not a very big deal. and stop calling, basically. [laughter] >> take a look outside.
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mainly dry across the meat metro area. snow showers are trying to sneak in just to the south of us. 29 degrees, that is what it feels like for the wind chill factor. but the actual temperature is at 37 degrees. so anything falling making contact with the ground will quickly melt. 41 degrees was the higher earlier in the day. our average for this time of year is 37 degrees. we do expect temperatures to remain call for tomorrow. right around 33 degrees and alexandria. george washington university is now 36 degrees and the wind will start to pick up later on tonight into the day tomorrow. at the freezing mark in winchester. plenty of cold our-plenty of cold air.
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we are talking baden era of low pressure that will develop off the coast. this will -- we are talking about an area of low pressure that will develop off the coast. a little bit of white snow for the next few hours. we are not looking for major accumulation. a winter weather advisory until 4:00 in the morning. no problems here at all, just a few light snow showers, but nothing that will cause any travel delays for the overnight. if you have to travel plans, you could expect some slick road conditions in purple. we will keep the flurries in the forecast for the overnight and into the day tomorrow. no accumulation is expected. out tomorrow night and a cold start to our monday
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with temperatures only in the upper-teens and around 20 degrees. the wind will be out of the north. the wind will increase tomorrow, 15 miles to 25 m.p.h., making the highs at 30 degrees to 35 degrees feel 10 degrees colder. it will rain on tuesday when -- on tuesday and cleared out on wednesday and thursday. >> it has been relatively calm so far this year. >> keep it that way. let's talk about some college sports. >> duquesne maryland are going on right now. we are continuing with some action also this afternoon. the cavaliers hanging with the tar heels. sports c
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>> we have a full plate of the school to run down for you. the maryland-duke game is going on right now. let's start off with va.-n.c.. remember him? the former montrose fisher. he has that eagle eye. the clock is ticking down now. he loathes -- he unloads a 40- footer at the buzzer. they go into the locker room tied. carolina up by eight. tj harrison is a bad man. he was unstoppable today. that is good. 29 on the afternoon for harassing. a nail biter between virginia
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tech and carolina state has they run the last five seconds of regulation. he misses on purpose. eddie comes from nowhere with the rebound and put it back in. lorenzo brown at the top of the key misses, so we go to overtime. they turned over three times. he loses the ball. the wolfpack were able to run out the clock and they did, 90- 86. george mason this evening welcoming georgia state. mason got blitzed. he scores the hard way. georgia state wins 78-60. their first whenever -- their first win ever at george mason. raw files soriano, one of the last to arrive after working out
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some of these issues. they are determined to have a pocket full year -- have a good full year. >> stephen strasbourg went to all the exercises to do with the other stars. when i caught up with him, one- on-one, he said his personal goal was to pitch at least 200 innings. even his manager tells you that that attitude alone will do wonders to help his game >> -- is game. >> shutting down hurt him as much as anything. he looks great. >> i think it will be a fine year. hopefully, all of the offseason work i put in will pay off and i can step up to the challenge and be the guy in the rotation. >> strasburg said he needs to work on a few mechanical issues and wants to eliminate time between pitches so that base runners don't get the best of him. but one thing will stay the
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same. he will keep watching a lot of golf to avoid what the pundits have to say. >> thank you. early on in the first half at comcast, highlights of that game tonight at 11:00. >>
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>> is it snowing right now? >> not really. justin little bit of white snow across southern maryland, but don't expect a whole lot, nothing you can make a small bowl lot of -- a snowball out of. we will see milder temperatures on monday. it will be warmer on tuesday around 50 degrees. followed by a cool down on wednesday and thursday. so far, no big storms on the way
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for the next several days. this could be the winter that wasn't. >> we will stick with one-and-a- half inches so far. " this view at 11:00.


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